Project Description

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EyeUniversal is a design & marketing agency based in San Diego, California. We did a complete rebranding and website redesign in 2019

Identity Redesign

The rebrand started when everyone suggested to switch the main lighting focus from dark to light. I could finilize the following identity which is felixable to be used on any background tone unlike the old logo which could be used only on dark background.

Redesigned LogoRedesigned Logo

I exported the logo to After Effects where I could animate the logo. I export the logo as a JSON file using the Bodymovin plugin which creates an SVG version of the animation. The animation file is under 20 KB and yet has the maximum quality.

Website UI design

The new website redesign was focused on the clear bright look, minimal, and the new illustration trend which is invading the tech world these days. I was determined to design a minimal website that looked perfect on all screen sizes in a tight deadline while working simultaneously on other projects.

Web Development (UXD)

One of the biggest barriers in the tech world is the handover from design to development. All designers know that developers are not good at paying attention to all the tiny details such as the gaps that make the design stand out. Therefore I was dealing with a new challenge to complete the development of the website when the developer failed to deliver quality.
I am quite familiar with HTML, CSS, a bit of JS, and a lot of experience working with WordPress CMS.
I could develop the website under 3 weeks with a lot of details such as loading animation, responsiveness for mobile and tablet, SVG animations. I found the development phase helped me to improve the design and adjust it for efficiency.