Project Description

March 2021 - September 2022

I was employed as UX/UI designer in March 2021 at a digital agency called “Campfire” in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with the most brilliant designers, engineers and leaders. And above all, I had the privilege to work with my mentor, Dirk Unger.

I had a lot of fun working on various projects and could contribute to different areas of design on various projects.  Here are the creation and co-creation of the projects during this time.


App & Web • Summer 2021 • It took About 3 to 4  months

The client wanted to redesign their app to have a fresh and modern look and boost the user experience. The main idea was that all the users could add the products to various lists, you name it, shopping lists, private lists, etc.

We redesigned the mobile app experience from top to bottom and we used the redesigned mobile App as the template for the Tablet and whole Web experience on desktop devices. The biggest challenge was to design a modular design system that can fit into almost any circumstances for future, products and child companies. I think it wouldn’t possible if it was not for the awesome Figma ecosystem and the right usage of shared libraries.

My role was the UX/UI designer and completed, user flow, wireframes, Prototypes, design system and final visual design on Mobile, Tablet and desktop devices.  Here are a few screens.

Product card, list and shopping list views


Product detail view



Web • Winter 2021 • 1 Month

As mentioned above, Frischeparadise is a child company of Transgourmet company. We redesigned the website to have complete look and feel from Transgourmet but yet use the same product cards and product detail pages. It was a great challenge but hopefully, the right usage of the design system with shared libraries over Figma has saved a lot of time and maximised consistency.


Web • Spring 2022 • 3 weeks

The project was to have a visual refresh only on the homepage.

I was the visual designer on the project. I mainly helped with the design system and documentation on zeroheight.


Spring 2021 • 1 Month

The idea of the perfect match project was to determine the users travelling profiles by showing them two pictures at the same time and letting them choose one. Then the tool will show the user’s profile with a few handpicked travelling ideas and matching travelling agents from Globetrotter. It was basically a lead generator tool for Globetrotter.

I was involved in the conception with the rest of the team, visual design, the building of the design system, prototype using the Figma app and also producing the motion graphics and animations.

This is a short animation which I have produced for the project landing page.


Pitch • Spring 2022 • 1 Week

The idea was to create a platform where users could proactively contribute to the network and workout programs of Vitaparcours by generating custom exercises, workout plans, community challenges, or simply combining existing exercises from Vitaparcours which finally they could share with others or even challenge friends.

I got involved at the beginning of the project to help to contribute to the pitch. After we spend a couple of days on ideation and defining the concept we dive into designing only one or two screens to present the visual direction of the pitch but we end up completing a prototype with more than 10 screens with animations.

My role was to help with ideation, conception, visual design, animation, prototyping and the whole user experience.

Forteq Group

Web • Spring 2021 • 2 months

The user’s most significant issue was that they could not understand what kind of service forteq is providing on their previous website. It was hard to navigate and find the service or apply for a job. Unfortunately, forteq lacked proper branding and did not have any brand element to stand out. They did not have the budget for rebranding but just website redesign. They wanted to have modern website which it would present the company image better and eventually leads to new clients.

We could simplify the website to break it down into a few pages and highlight their main services in the hero section of the landing page. I crafted a 3D animation to demonstrate and communicate the 3 main areas of their focus visually to the end user. Here is a short preview.

live website


Web • Spring 2022 • 1 Month

We redesigned their website with a minimal look and feel yet with a strong character. I was responsible for the visual design of the project.

live website

Motion graphics

I have created these motion graphics for the agency case studies and other marketing purposes.