Project Description

Web Prototype
Mobile Prototype

All Performance Friction (APF) is a B2C E-Commerce website selling auto parts in the USA.

The project was completed in 2019


APF a brand new company needed a brand new look. I helped them to find their brand identity in the market. I have designed dozens of logo concepts with the client’s feedback and supervision we could complete the task.

Final Logo


I could use some of my print experience to design the friction device packaging. It was a great experience to refresh my print experience.

Userflow / Sitemap


Website UI design

Main Focus

We spend hours to find the best UI for this page. This is the most important page for the users and the stakeholders. We tried dozens of concepts just for this page and tested them before finalizing it.

The mobile version is interactive prototype. You use your mouse scroll to scroll up/down within the phone mockup.

3D Model

There is a 3D model of the product on the product page. Here is the 3D model which will embed just how I have embedded it here to the product page.