Project Description

Admin Prototype
End-User Prototype

Professional Resource Connection Network is a web app designed and built for social worker in the USA. I was responsible for the conception, user interface design, prototype and building a powerful design system in 2019

Information Architecture

The documentation of the project was so insufficient that we had to have many meetings to get our heads around the concept. I initially was feeling uncomfortable working on the project because of almost 0% documentation and forcing me to get out of my comfort zone. I look at it as a challenge. The challenge was so rewarding that I am eager to look to take on even more complex projects.


The Web app is having more than 6 user levels on the Admin side and a single level on the end-user. I have designed two different layouts for the admin and end-user dashboard to differentiate the two dashboards. The layout was designed differently but the main components of the design remained the same for design consistency and faster development. Most of the components which were designed on the admin were used on the end-user dashboard which made the whole process much faster and yet eye-pleasing.

Website UI design

The search screen is one of my most beloved because the user can view all the different kind of results in a clean and easy to understand layout by dedicating each kind to a different column. The result is maximum UX and happy users where they can have an eagle eye throughout the dashboard. I wish that Apple design team could also use similiar layout for the seach funtion in Mac OS X Finder to make us find what we need faster.

Custom Design System

The web app ended up having quiet solid Design System from scratch . Hopefully, the design system could grow and expand focusing of user experience and consistency. Here is an overview of all the main components, fonts, colors, etc. which were used,